Stop Bad Fishing. Now we have your attention — hooked? — we mean: Stop Phishing.

Phishing is the number one cybercrime, and we want it to end.

What's Phishing? It's online scams. It's fraud. It's when you're persuaded, by a convincing messsage, to give personal details and sensitive information to a website or person you think is official. After clicking a link from an email or text, you're presented with a website masquerading as an official brand. You might provide passwords, credentials and bank account information which the attacker can use to defraud you.

Phishing can be highly targeted and hard to spot. There's safeguards on devices and platforms, but they're not good enough. It's left to us to detect and evade attacks.

We're told to read the URL (web address) but people can't read URLs. Not reliably. Not safely.

Domains don't always match brand names. Companies can use unfamiliar and strange-looking domains. And how are people expected to remember domains they use, or know about safe domains ahead of time?

Combined with that, internet providers build blocklists of unsafe sites, but these are reactive to attacks, and can't keep up.

Attacks get through the net, before they're detected by providers.

Why can't we be proactive?

Why can't we have a trusted internet? Why can't we have a web with only safe sites and links?

We're not advocating to replace the web. We're saying there's an option to to use a safe web and you can choose it.

If you agree, join our campaign.

Phishingit's bad fishing. Let's make it stop.

Learn how to evade attacks in our article how to catch phish and help others around you by sharing advice with your friends, family and colleagues.

Hooked? Say, scream and shout Stop Phishing.

Join the movement and let's make the net safe.

PS. You can try what we think is a safer internet with the Epi link checker. Any links in emails and texts, you can check they're safe.
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PPS. The founders of this movement work on Epi, building a safer online future. Read more